Designing cooperative and sustainable approaches to the governance of emerging technologies.

The impacts of advanced technologies such as AI and machine learning disproportionately affect communities who are least represented in their design and governance. That’s why we’re collaborating on new ideas about data governance that support communities’ collective ownership of their data and its use.

Data Communities for Inclusion, CIFAR’s first Solution Network, is developing an open-access and collaborative data infrastructure platform that helps women agricultural workers in India gain fair access to a competitive marketplace.

This work doesn’t stop with one project. We know that these tools can be useful to many other communities. That’s why we launched this site, as an open-access toolkit that can be adapted and reused to make marketplaces all over the world more equitable and fair.

Community Toolkit

A growing collection of resources related to cooperative and inclusive approaches to data governance.


Technology and social justice are complex topics that require a diversity of perspectives and contributions. Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts, questions, critiques, and relevant resources with us at info@data­

About SEWA

Learn how SEWA is working with women farmers in India.